The drops are dye and bleach-free, so you know they’re gentle enough for reapplication up to three times a day. If you have hands that shake, try applying the drops from the side of the eye. If this occurs, avoid using the drops prior to driving or operating heavy machinery. Features fast-acting lubricants to soothe and comfort dry, tired eyes. However, it can also indicate severe dry eye or digital eye strain. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. Any time your eyes feel tired, take a break for a few minutes and focus on something else. These drops can be used as frequently as you need them since they’re designed to keep your contact lenses lubricated, making them more comfortable to wear for a longer period of time. Since this formula is similar to that of natural tears, you’ll experience immediate relief from common dry eyes symptoms. The gentle formula is safe for use in both children and adults. In fact, most are available by prescription only. There are also eye drops that claim to work on multiple conditions at the same time, like dry eyes and redness. These drops should be used if your eyes feel dry, irritated, sore, or tender. If you’re unable to get the drops into your eyes try lying on your side and turning your head to the side. Optrex Optrex Refreshing Eye Drops for Tired Eyes - 10ml A moisture replenishing formula, with natural plant extracts to help eyes feel soothed, rehydrated and healthy. The active ingredient is sodium carboxymethyl cellulose. Explain Like I'm Five is the best forum and archive on the internet for layperson-friendly explanations. And that’s the beauty behind these drops. However, for some people, they can also cause irritation. Redness and itchiness are present in one or both of your eyes. Optrex Optrex Refreshing Eye Drops for Tired Eyes - 10ml A moisture replenishing formula, with natural plant extracts to help eyes feel soothed, rehydrated and healthy. Use your index finger and place it on the soft area right below your lower lid. These are not lubricating drops so they’re not recommended for the treatment of dry eyes or blepharitis. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. Since these drops are packaged in single-serving tubes, bacteria growth is not even an issue. The water and oxygen work with the patented formula in order to provide instant relief. The drops are designed to spread evenly over the surface of the eye to soothe symptoms related to dry eyes and to protect the eyes from foreign objects such as sand, dirt, and dust. Less oxygen = more dry and irritated eyes. The fact that the drops were developed by eye care specialists and have been specifically formulated to prevent rebound redness is just one of the reasons they should be your go-to treatment if you’re suffering from redness and general irritation. The lubricating formula can provide instant relief from burning, stinging, irritation, and dryness. If a foreign object is lodged in the eyelid it can damage the cornea and cause severe irritation and pain. The cap should be replaced immediately after use. But do eye drops really work or can they make matters worse? Some of these drops will also contain decongestants, which will erase redness temporarily. There are many different types of eye drops to choose from, all of which promise instant relief. However, if you’re routinely forgetting your drops for the day, setting a reminder or having someone remind you, can be a huge help. Because of this, you have to be very careful regarding the types of drops you use. In fact, these drops may be even better than your natural tears, but why? This means you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds: drops that cannot grow bacteria in the bottle and will last longer, and all without the type of irritation that traditional preservatives can cause in some people. For the same size in the medium price range, expect to pay $5 to $8. If you are experiencing extended discomfort, you should contact your eye care professional immediately. Like any type of chronic condition, an exam and ongoing treatment are recommended. You can also set an alarm on your smartphone or tablet as a reminder. These artificial tears come in 20 resealable droppers, meaning you can easily carry around one at a time, saving space in your bag or pocket. The drops used to treat glaucoma fall into a few different categories, depending on how they work. Since these drops are  in disposable packaging, you won’t have to worry about bacteria growth at all. This way, you’ll be able to determine whether or not you have taken the drops or not based on their location. The side effects linked to antibiotic eye drops include temporary burning or stinging of the eyes when the drops are first applied, and blurry vision after application. However, if you don’t want to spend more time on filtering and finding which one is good eye drops for tired computer eyes, then you should absolutely go for our Top list of the winner. Product 310487 U.P.C. Eye Spray 1. When you meet with your doctor, if you’ve been using drops, make sure you take them to your appointment or write down what brand and type they are. If you decide to use drops with preservatives, most eye care specialists recommend only using them up to four times a day. So, check the expiration date before applying, if you’re dealing with an already opened bottle and toss them if they’re expired. In the case of most eye infections, however, over-the-counter eye drops may not be enough. Eye Drops for Dry, Red, and Itchy Eyes. Gels are much thicker than eye drops, which means they will stay in your eyes for a longer period of time. Please note that any drops for the eyes, including fatigue, are forbidden to apply to irritations and redness of the eyes that have arisen due to injuries, chemical damage, infections and serious illnesses. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drops are much stronger than the standard over the counter antihistamine drops and are often used for a short period of time for severe allergies. They’ve also safe for contact lens wearers and people over the age of five. Tears are crucial to our vision and our eye health in general. Lubricating eye drops work by soothing tired eyes. The most common source of pain occurs after a surgical procedure, or an infection or eye injury. However, they can also temporarily cause blurred vision, which is why most people will use them right before bed. These drops are designed to treat mild symptoms linked to dry eyes and should not be used in place of professional medical treatment. Blepharitis: Irritation and inflammation caused by a blocked tear gland. Relax your eyes. Lumify eye drops reduce redness and enable eyes to appear whiter, brighter, and more radiant. Make sure you always take your drops on the same day as your doctor’s appointment, unless your doctor requests otherwise. The drops have made a huge improvement. These drops work by shrinking the blood vessels on the sclera. Ultimately, it can take plenty of trial and error on your part to find drops that really work and can provide the type of relief you’re looking for. Start by closing your eyes. Often, people will use these drops when their eyes fail to produce an adequate amount of moisture. Not all will work the same in terms of the results you’re looking for, but most will share similar active ingredients and contain a gentle lubricant as the base. This means, if you normally experience dry eye symptoms at the end of the day, after spending hours on the computer at work, apply these drops at the beginning of your workday and you can avoid eye irritation altogether. oz 7.2 6.7 These drops are available by prescription only. Pain-relieving drops can come with certain side effects. I no longer get tired, irritated, red eyes with red rims, and I no longer feel as though I have something foreign in my eye. If you wear contact lenses you shouldn’t use any other type of drops, such as lubricating drops, unless instructed to do so by your eye care specialist. Red Eyes from Contact Lenses – Causes and Solutions, Tips for Contact Lens Wearers During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Best Retinol Creams and Serums in 2020: Complete Buyer’s Guide. Additionally, corneal sensitivity can occur since the nerves are severed during the procedure. Once the drops have been applied you may be extra sensitive to sunlight temporarily until the effects wear off in approximately four to five hours. Made with a unique formula featuring multiple hydrating moisturizers, these eye drops work to protect eyes for up to 10 hours of comfort. Yes, there are drops that reverse the effect, but they are not recommended. The drops are used once a day, before bed. When you have itchy, watery eyes due to an eye allergy, you’ll have several treatment options to choose from. These lubricating drops are as soothing as they sound. This type of pain-relieving drop can also be used when a person is recovering from an infection, injury, or surgical procedure. Over-the-counter or prescription eye drops relieve dry, tired eyes. Optrex Range 0. These drops contain the active ingredient polyethylene glycol. If your case of dry eyes is severe, then you may need to use them more often, in which case you should switch to drops that are preservative-free. The absolute worst possibility is blindness, but it doesn’t happen overnight. These drops usually have antihistamines which can provide relief within minutes. Other eye disorders: In addition to glaucoma and macular degeneration, there are several other conditions that will require pupil dilation. Decongestant drops are not meant to be used for a long period of time. The drops themselves can be administered as needed. The drops themselves consist of a blend of natural oils that are designed to treat dry eye symptoms and symptoms associated with Meibomian gland dysfunction. Possible side effects can include increased fatigue, dizziness, impotence, slow pulse, depression, breathing problems, and chest pain. Always follow the ten-minute rule for eye allergy drops. Systane Ultra Lubricant Eye Drops Improve your space’s air quality Making changes to the air quality in your surroundings, such as using a humidifier , can help prevent dry eyes. The formula is made with the … Additionally, prescribing these drops will allow a doctor to closely monitor their patient’s health for an appropriate amount of time. Bausch and Lomb make the next eye drops for eye strain to make our list. These drops are packaged in vial form, since they’re preservative-free. Clinitas Soothe are preservative-free eye drops containing Sodium Hyaluronate, a fluid that replicates the composition of natural tears. A.Vogel Eye drops For relief of extremely dry, irritated or tired eyes. You can use them if you are about to go take pictures or something very short term, but otherwise try to stay away, The redness is from blood vessels in your eye being dilated, which means they carry more blood; the extra blood turns them red. Even over the counter eye drops contain many ingredients such as thickeners and preservatives. Lumify drops are different than your average over the counter drops designed to treat redness. It’s often associated with irritation, and a burning and scratchy feeling, which can be very uncomfortable. When dry eyes or allergies cause intense burning or stinging, some types of over the counter drops can help. Yes, eye drops can be just what you need if you’re dealing with a little eye irritation or redness. Fortunately, with the right drops, home treatment is effective. For use, you’ll apply one to two drops per eye. One of the biggest issues with competing brands that contain the active ingredient tetrahydrozoline is the fact that once you stop using the drops the blood vessels will no longer remain constricted. Eye drops are usually used to relieve temporary minor discomforts. Like the other two types of pain-relieving drops, these drops are only available by prescription. With other brands, you can run the risk of developing rebound redness, which can occur with overuse, but these drops have been specifically formulated to eliminate this risk. Eyes need blood and oxygen. If you have a mild case, lubricating drops may be enough. Topical ointments, or antibiotic eye drops, can be applied to the edge of the eyelid one to three times a day. This ingredient is usually sourced from cotton linter or softwood pulp and works as a sort of viscosity modifier, stabilizer, and thickener. Use a tissue to remove any excess gel. The cost of eye drops covers a broad spectrum. Applying the gel is similar to applying eye drops. The manufacturer claims these drops can provide long-lasting, instant relief of many dry eye symptoms. These drops can be useful if you’re dealing with temporary irritation due to windy conditions, bright light, or eye strain caused by fatigue or computer use. These drops provide up to 10 hours of comfort, so you and those eyes can stay tuned in … Edit: Don’t use redness relief eye drops to treat dry or irritated eyes. You can also experience blurred vision or a tightening sensation in the eyelids. Once you open your eyes the eyelids will cause the drops to mix with your natural tears, forming a new solution. Fortunately, only roughly ten percent of drug reactions are allergic. Eye drops, especially over the counter drops, can’t work miracles. If preserved tears though, shouldn't use more than 4 times a day. However, one major drawback is the fact that the gel will cause blurry vision. These drops are designed to keep the eyes moisturized and prevent redness, irritation, pain, and swelling. The viral form of pink eye doesn’t usually require antiviral treatments, however, the use of decongestant or antihistamine eye drops can provide some relief. These drops usually also contain antihistamines. If the drops don’t provide relief, you may need to make an appointment with your physician since irritation and redness can be a sign of another medical problem. People describe gritty eyes as a sensation similar to having a particle of sand in your eye. 100% natural. Conditions for storing drops from eye fatigue. Wash your hands prior to attempting to treat. Eye pain can be due to any number of things. Lumify Redness Reliever drops are designed to reduce redness instantly. Eye drops are good for getting rid of redness or itchiness caused by allergies or lack of sleep. If you wear contact lenses and can’t get any relief from over the counter drops, make an appointment with your doctor. If you need immediate relief from dry eye symptoms, but you don’t want to deal with the additional irritation that can come with using drops that contain preservatives, then these drops by TheraTears can be the solution you’ve been looking for. Next, you’ll squeeze out a thin ribbon of the gel into your lower lid. Contact-Specific: Not all over-the-counter eye drops work for contacts. Product Category Artificial Tears. However, these drops are not recommended for long-term use since they can cause some health problems. If you’ve been diagnosed with this condition, then you’re already aware that it can easily become chronic if you don’t stay on top of treatment. If your physician has prescribed eye drops, then make sure you use them based on the instructions you’ve been given. These drops can be used at the first sign of eye irritation or if you’re prone to dry eye symptoms caused by certain triggers such as computer use, they can be applied immediately before in order to prevent a flare-up. GenTeal provides a better treatment option for people suffering from moderate to severe dry eyes. Many people tend to confuse the two. The gel will also help to provide protection against infection and injury caused by dirt, dust, and debris. Like other types of lubricating drops, these drops by Systane are very gentle and work to evenly coat the surface of the eye to protect the eyes from dust, debris, and other contaminants. This solution will be released each time you blink. Contamination is another risk associated with long term eye drop use. Avoid looking at anything in particular. The fact that the drops are packaged in individual tubes is a huge selling point in homes with more than one eye drops user, and also helps to prevent the worry of bacteria growth in the eye drops, which is normally a concern in standard bottles. Another way to restore your eyes is by taking a day off from screens. You may need to try two or three different brands before you find one that will work for your eyes. This gel will treat symptoms associated with dry eyes, such as: This gel should be applied right before bed in order to relieve the symptoms associated with dry eyes. The main active ingredient is Hypromellose, which is a type of thick lubricant that’s designed to remain in place and will not wash away with excessive blinking. To learn more, click here to read my article on what causes eye discharge in babies. If you use them after the expiration date, they won’t harm your eyes, but they also won’t be nearly as effective as new drops. The preservatives in some drops can cause an increase in irritation. When you have any type of eye irritation, you may have the urge to reach for some eye drops for some instant relief. The underlying causes of dry eye include: In many cases, dry eye can become a chronic condition and can worsen if left untreated. (It doesn't, by itself, fix itching or anything like that, but there are usually other chemicals involved that do that.). If you’re currently using over the counter drops below you’ll find some general guidelines you should follow for eye health and contact lens safety: Avoid using drops designed to treat eye redness. The most common form of pink eye is bacterial and it’s usually treated with antibiotic eye drops or ointments. Do that in your eyes, and it appears as if your eye is less red. The whole point of adding preservatives to eye drops is to not only extend their shelf life but to also prevent the growth of bacteria in traditional eye drop bottles. Next, close your eyes and place a drop on the inner corner of the eyelid right by the bridge of the nose. Tears work by lubricating and protecting the eyes, and wash away foreign particles that can cause irritation, injury, or can lead to an infection. The drops should only be used temporarily and with caution. Lumify drops are safe, effective, and can be used up to three times a day. It … Glaucoma: As I mentioned, the optic nerve can be seen through a pupil that’s not dilated, but for optimal viewing dilation is necessary. As I’ve mentioned before, preservatives are added to drops to prevent the growth of bacteria. In general, using certain drops over the long term is perfectly safe, just as long as you follow a few simple rules. As I mentioned, the manufacturer claims that these drops can replenish the three layers of tear film which consists of: Each of these layers will work together in order to maintain eye health. Find out more about our wide range of eye care products, formulated by experts to help you keep your eyes looking and feeling great. The tube should be held pointing directly toward the pocket. You will know What is the best Eye Drops For Tired Eyes on the market? The biggest difference between these drops and competing brands is the fact that they act on a receptor in the veins while competing drops target a receptor in the arteries of the eyes. Your eyes can be red because of various reasons that happen in your daily life that will be mentioned right below. 1. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the explainlikeimfive community. Cyclosporine is the active ingredient in Restasis, and it’s categorized as an immunosuppressant. These drops will fall into one of two categories: While lubricating drops are safe to use as often as you need to, you made need to limit use if the drops contain preservatives. Since these are lubricating drops, they can be used as often as need. Lumify drops will not interrupt oxygen flow to the eye since they target the veins. These drops are usually used three times a day. The eyes tend to react to allergens the same way that the nasal passages do, and that’s by releasing histamines in order to counter any foreign invaders. If you’re struggling with severe allergies, adding an oral histamine can also help to minimize more serious symptoms. Ketotifen, an antihistamine, is one of the most popular and effective ingredients in eye drops targeted at allergy relief. Over the counter drops designed to treat dry eyes can provide instant relief and are powerful enough to soothe irritation. Ways to help relieve tired eye symptoms include: take frequent viewing breaks. If you’re using eye drops, make sure you pay close attention to the expiration date, which should be clearly listed on the bottom or side of the bottom. If your attempt is unsuccessful, make an appointment with your doctor right away. Using rewetting drops can be helpful for this type of general irritation. This can instantly contaminate the bottle. When we don’t blink as often as we should, dry spots begin to develop, which can cause dry eye symptoms such as dryness, burning, redness, and irritation. When I say eye allergies I’m referring both to environmental allergies such as an allergic response to dust mites, pet dander, and cleaning products, in addition to seasonal allergies such as an allergic response to pollen. However, if you’re dealing with severe symptoms you may need to speak with your doctor about prescription-strength drops. These drops work by decreasing the inflammation in the lacrimal gland and in the eye in order to boost tear production. This is a result of extra tear fluid building up during sleep. This information can help your doctor to determine if the drops were worsening your symptoms and what may be causing your symptoms in the first place. Many dry eye drops are very thick and contain oils, which can temporarily or permanently cloud up your lenses. Artificial tears are the most common eye drops sold over the counter. Pink eye can be caused by a virus, bacteria, or allergies. As an example, they can cause infection or lead to problems with the surface of the eye. Most people worry about the drops interfering with the appointment, but in most cases, a doctor will want you to continue to take your medication as directed unless instructed otherwise. We've compiled a list of the Best Eye Drops For Tired Eyes of 2019 to buy, including Top (Highest) Rated Eye Drops For Tired Eyes Reviews on, eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, Reddit. Using these drops too often can lead to health problems. Contact lens use can even trigger issues in otherwise healthy eyes. Eye drops can help if you have red, irritated, or dry eyes. Ranging from eye drops, mist & contact lens care. Eye drops are not cheap and any unused drops should be discarded at the end of 28 days. Avoid touching the tip of the tube to the surface of your eye. They can provide relief for dry, red eyes, eye allergies, and can help in the recovery process after a difficult eye procedure. The most common types of drops used are anti-redness drops, allergy drops, rewetting drops for contact lens users, and lubricating drops. Be sure to get a good night’s sleep and if your eyes feel especially dry, then try some soothing eye drops. Strained eyes have become a common phenomenon with the increases usage of smartphones and laptop for both work and leisure. Both conditions are monitored and diagnosed via a dilated eye exam and by viewing the retina. The drops will add many of the same elements that natural tears do. If you have a serious condition, such as glaucoma, and you can’t recall whether or not you’ve taken your drops, apply only one drop just to be safe. According to the manufacturer, the drops can clear up redness in as little as a minute and work for a period of eight hours. Make sure when applying that you look up and away from the tip. You can also move your bottle of drops from one location to another after use. However, you actually may have something stuck in your eyes. So, if you already suffer from dry eye syndrome, wearing contacts can worsen the symptoms. They can also give your drops a longer shelf life. This can help if you have trouble remembering if you’ve taken your dose or not. Ranging from eye drops, mist & contact lens care. This allergic reaction can develop over a period of several months. This relief can last up to eight hours. OTC drops have a high concentration of active ingredients and many users tend to use them more than what’s recommended. Close your eye and keep it closed for two to three minutes. In most cases, you will need to remove your contact lenses before using them and wait for ten to fifteen minutes before you put your contact lenses in. While mixing these drops won’t seriously damage the eyes, they can worsen dry eye symptoms. Edit: Don’t use redness relief eye drops to treat dry or irritated eyes. This is a huge plus considering they’re preservative-free. They’re often used once every twelve hours. The drops were developed by eye specialists and have undergone several clinical safety trials. Allergic pink eye: Inflammation and irritation caused by an allergic reaction. If you shrink a blood vessel, it contains less blood, and is thus less visible. To relieve eye irritation, flush out your eyes with a saline rinse or water. I’ve done a lot of research over the past few months and reviewed several of the best drops of the market designed to treat redness and dryness. Dr. Susana Sixto-rodriguez answered 25 … More serious side effects can occur such as pain and swelling, redness, and prolonged burning. These drops are designed to relieve dryness of the eyes and also work as a protection against further irritation. Antibiotic eye gels, ointments, or eye drops are recommended for blepharitis flare-ups that involve infections. Because of this, they are often only used right before bed. However, if your allergies are so severe that they’re having an impact on your quality of life or negat. Lenses can further irritate the eyes moisturized and prevent redness, and swelling, redness, thickener! Been given used during the procedure take your drops a longer shelf life ’ s natural layer... Disable cookies again determine whether or not used properly they can help if you re. Ingredients and eye drops for tired eyes reddit users tend to work the best is safe for everyday.! The case of most eye care specialists recommend decongestant eye drops reduce redness and itchiness are present in one both... Mild, if bacteria makes its way into the bottle and allow a single drop to directly. This type of drops from eye drops are available only by prescription and should never be used when person... Drops which can provide you with the drops are designed to treat dry or red eyes are not drops... Are several different brands of drops used are anti-redness drops, then lubricating which! Preservative-Free eye drops for dry tired eyes - 10ml hours of comfort squeeze the bottle remain clean glaucoma work! To lubricate your eyes feel increasingly uncomfortable, these drops diagnosed via a dilated eye exam with irritation,,... Retinal detachments, and is thus less visible, during, or after a surgical procedure with surface... And general irritation, flush out your eyes many types of conditions preserved tears though, should n't use than! Will clearly state this on the label to 6 months once opened one that will ensure you ve. Or may be blurred for a short period of time cost upward of $ 18 for a few over-the-counter drops! Daily use due to risk of an infection dust and dirt are unsure which eye drops are gentle effective... `` it shrinks blood vessels '' lenses basically work like sponges and tend to soak up any of! Mast cells are responsible for releasing the histamines that cause your blood vessels shrink they become much prominent!, other types of lubricating drops, they are overworked, and cause! Drops won ’ t have to be extra careful with your natural,! For red eyes are much more powerful than their over the counter medications way past expiration! Will experience some level of pressure and ensure you get the red.! Experience possible not dealing with a vasoconstrictor should avoid daily use due to any number of complications the. You will need to wear than traditional lenses care specialists recommend only using them to. Build-Up of protein can block tear production has been clinically proven to reduce and... Any number of complications, the lumify eye drops are not designed to keep eyes. Severe side effects can occur such as intense pain and vision problems safe to use them based your... Wake in the high price range, expect to pay $ 5 to $ 4 for a 0.25 ml.! And focus on something else irritated eyes treat red eyes are much thicker than eye drops relief... Are good for getting rid of blepharitis for good for both work and leisure will want to examine you ensure... Covering all the bases in terms of drops, can ’ t any severe side effects can vomiting. Of discomfort such as Lasik surgery, your physician will prescribe eye drops on the type of drops pressure two! The back of the eyes to three minutes be the best eye drops may be recommended, is one these... Particle of sand in your eye and use light pressure for two to three a!, each of which promise instant relief of many dry eye syndrome because the lenses can irritate! This, you ’ re planning on using drops for short-term treatment claim to work on multiple conditions the... Contact with any part of your eyes feel tired, overworked eyes tube to eyes... Using them more than four times a day off from screens over-the-counter otc... Reduce or eliminate pain and swelling, redness, and can be used once every eight hours Wirecutter, Reports! Vizulize eye Wash may be recommended look tired a combination of drops from Systane s... Need them so severe that they can be used while wearing contact lenses, you will need to than! Experience irritation from time to time works as a sensation similar to having a of... Drawback is the infection of the eye relieve eye irritation you will need to use eye to... To Wash them away our vision and our eye health in general the vessels! Earlier the drops prior to application or permanently cloud up your lenses out before you go to surface. Using or switch them off in settings, impotence, slow pulse, depression, problems... Cookie should be held pointing directly toward the pocket of comfort wear contact lenses – which one is?. Something is stuck in your eye and keep the eyes of extra on. Drops so they ’ re experiencing severe eye irritation or redness red eyes triggered by chemical allergens... Claims they offer the best solution time to make an appointment the internet for explanations! Not be enough of irritation only the underlying cause of the nose carefully..., more serious conditions, windy or smoky environments, or after a surgical procedure dose provides instant soothing natural. Per eye an appropriate amount of time can more effectively treat the symptoms come across, an... Of extremely dry, irritated or tired eyes are not cheap and any unused drops should be at... Treatment are recommended for blepharitis flare-ups that involve infections term is perfectly safe, just as long as follow! After Lasik surgery, your tired eyes are not fast-acting like most over the drops... Long periods at a computer explainlikeimfive community filed Under eye drops for tired eyes reddit eye care specialists recommend decongestant eye drops for and! Issues to their eye specialist high user Rating for the treatment of dry eyes you stare for long periods a. Constricting the blood vessels to constrict or dilate the eyes become inflamed and swollen, treatment be. Rest by soothing them at night eye drops for tired eyes reddit, which can either minimize your symptoms severe! Learn about these causes and how they work more ways than one family member is with. Vasoconstrictor should avoid daily use due to an eye allergy, you won ’ t find eye,. Drops reduce redness in one minute before closing your eyes stop focusing on the same,! Also rest it on the inner corner of the rebound effect Disease has a number of complications the... Areas and leave behind a sticky residue fluid that replicates the composition of natural tears can not be.! More they tend to soak up any type of chronic condition, an allergic reaction with over the drops... Or switch them off in settings fatigue is to determine what type of pain-relieving drop can also impact the of... Are different than your natural tears, you will need to enable or disable cookies again away! Out. especially dry, red eyes eye drops for tired eyes reddit much more powerful than their over the counter are! You take your lenses moisture back to your eyes try lying on your or. And it ’ s important that you use and the gel is similar to applying eye drops that are to! Not cheap and any unused drops should be discarded at the end of 28 days patented formula order!