Defn Segment Bisector S 3. Ex 8.1, 6 Diagonal AC of a parallelogram ABCD bisects ∠ A. Defn Midpoint 4. In the diagram of isosceles trapezoid ABCD, AB = CD. Given: AB bisects DAC C and D are right angles Prove: BC BD 3 Statements Reasons 1. In parallelogram ABCD, diagonals AC and BD intersect at E. Which statement proves ABCD is a rectangle? Given: ABCD is a rectangle in which diagonal AC bisects ∠A as well as ∠C. Find its fourth angle. given 2. Yahoo ist Teil von Verizon Media. © Solution. Engineering Triangle ABD in the diagram has a right angle A and sides AD = 4.9cm and AB = 7.0cm. See Answer. Show that if the diagonals of a quadrilateral are equal and bisect each other at right angles, then it is a square. LINE AC bisects ANGLE BCD and ANGLE BAC ANGLE BCD = 50 degrees ANGLE BAD = 80 degrees LINE DC = 10mm LINE BE = 3mm What is the area of the kite? ∠ C Given: BD AC BD bisects AC Prove: AB CB Statements Reasons 1. ABCD is a parallelogram and CDE is a straight line. Question Bank Solutions 8212. Show that the line segments AF and EC trisect the diagonal.. star. (ii) In ∆BDA and ∆DBC,BD = DB    | CommonDA= BC| Sides of a square ABCDAB = DC| Sides of a square ABCD∴ ∆BDA ≅ ∆DBC| SSS Congruence Rule∴ ∠ABD = ∠CDB    | C.P.C.T.But ∠CDB = ∠CBD| ∵ CB = CD (Sides of a square ABCD)∴ ∠ABD = ∠CBD∴ BD bisects ∠B.Now, ∠ABD = ∠CBD∠ABD = ∠ADB | ∵ AB = AD∠CBD = ∠CDB | ∵ CB = CD∴ ∠ADB = ∠CDB∴ BD bisects ∠D. Get detailed answer of 6. (ii) diagonal BD bisects ∠B as well as ∠D.Proof: (i) ∵ AB || DCand transversal AC intersects them.∴ ∠ACD = ∠CAB    | Alt. exam Numerical Ability Question Solution - Given: ABCD is a parallelogram AC bisects