Spartan Mat rents and sells high-quality access mats created from oak or a mixture of hardwoods. This can reduce freight costs significantly for contractors. Unlike the bolted versions of access mats, tests show that the mats will not diamond shape when dropped on a corner. Environmental Benefits YAK MAT has more than 40 years of experience building hardwood mats … Whatever your needs, Quality Mat Company can provide you with everything from the highest quality new crane mats to the most affordable used crane mats. A large portion of access mat cost is the freight expense to your project. Whatever your needs, Quality Mat Company can provide you with everything from the highest quality new crane mats to the most affordable used crane mats. They are constructed using top quality bolts (100% bolts & no nails) and overlapping boards. The price of mobile crane are evenly priced and do not burn holes in your pockets. Our mats are used to provide ground stabilization during the construction of pipelines and bridges, for work in the petrochemical industry, and during disaster and environmental cleanups. Thinner and lighter, wood pipeline mats or digging mats … We do supply crane operators for any job.. We have new Self erecting tower crane HD25 SELF ERECTING CRANE, WITH90 FEET BOOM, MAX.4400LBS. With a large inventory and variety of various mats, we have the right mat to fit your application and budget. These mats … Made of the same high quality timber as our brand new mats, purchasing from our used inventory is a cost efficient way to ensure you will receive a hardworking mat at fraction of the new mat price. Also known as timber mats or heavy equipment mats, our crane mats are designed to provide ground stabilization under the weight of huge construction sites or even layered under oil rig cranes. Sell Lumber has been providing all types of crane mats to the construction industry for over 3 decades. Poly crane mats are heavy-duty, … Bog Mats available in the UK for both Hire and Purchase. LET’S JOIN FORCES. And you must get the answer to that most crucial of all questions – how much will it cost? They are dense and compression-resistant to withstand the harshest conditions and heaviest equipment. Heavy construction mats are used to help stabilize and protect the ground on small to large projects. They are equipped with brilliantly functional hydraulics for easier movement of the cranes. Custom Jack Pads . In 2017 Sell lumber provided over 4… The following sizes are always in stock. Every crane mat provides a stable work surface even in the harshest conditions, thanks to a compression resistant, dense mat design. Bigge Crane and Rigging Co. at 832-246-3232 - 2005 LINDEN COMANSA 10LC140 Used Comansa tower crane, model 10LC140, YOM 2005, complete with 197 ft. (60 m) jib, 197 ft. (60 m) of mast, operator’s cabin, counterweights and other standard components. ©2021 Bridgewell Resources All Rights Reserved. Our crane mats are constructed with countersunk nuts and washers, and the ends of the mats are coated with protective sealant to help prevent splitting and cracking. Crane mats provide a stable base that will help your crane operator stay on schedule. Bridgewell stocks crane mats, excavator mats, laminated (swamp mats) and composite mats for your project. Free Quote: 03335671378 / 07896 265981. 99 (55) They’ve been used in a number of construction projects, such as the Valero Refinery project, the expansion of the Texas Children’s Hospital, ground cover for a wind farm in South Texas, and many more. Contact us for custom crane mat orders. The way that … We currently have a large inventory of used Dura-Base ® mats in our fleet. Fill out our online form or call us at 1-800-227 … Currently, our crane mats are being used in the construction of the initial phase of the Keystone pipeline. They can also be used in the construction of pipelines, bridges, disaster cleanup, and environmental cleanups. Crane Mat is a generic term used to describe a heavy equipment mat made up of large timbers. Every job is unique, which is why we offer multiple lifting options for custom crane mat orders. Based on your location, we recommend that you select: . When a crane is used in the tree removal process it greatly reduces the amount of time that it takes to remove the tree and it also decreases the impact to the surroundings. One of the first questions asked about Duradek vinyl decking is “What does Duradek cost?” Like many home renovation projects, the cost of installing Duradek is dependent on several factors. 10200 SW Greenburg Rd., #500, Tigard, OR 97223, International: Matrax Swamp Mat: Portable road and swamp mats for use in soft or sensitive terrain. Purchase Costs: 6 rubber backed door mats (3'x5' in size) @ $75.00 each = $450.00. When using a crane we are able to provide a safe and efficient no impact tree removal at a lower cost than traditional methods. They are impact-wrench tightened, countersunk, cut off and bradded to ensure that nuts are retained for the life of the mat. How much does a laundromat make in a year? Timber crane mats we manufacture are constructed out of Mixed Hardwood, Oak or Douglas Fir timbers. Viking Mat has been supplying the foundations for construction projects across North America since 1910. ft. usable surface area; Approximate weight: 1400 lbs. For 47 years, Quality Mat Company has been providing hardwood rental mats and used mats to the petrochemical, high-line utilities, oil and gas, and pipeline industries, as well as construction and environmental businesses. per mat; 30 mats per avg. If you are buying an existing … The cost of renting a crane will depend on the duration of the rental, where you rent it from, if an operator is needed, the type of crane and the … How much does a crane rental cost? Our crane mats were used for the work connecting the main pipelines in 2012. Timber crane mat design features: narrow notches, exposed lifting bolts (on each end), countersunk nuts and flush-cut long bolts, and are made from dense hardwood or solid Douglas Fir timbers. HOME; ABOUT US. Tri-Fold Exercise Mat Thick Gym Mat Fitness Mat w/PU Leather for Gymnastics, Yoga, Aerobics, Martial Arts, Lightweight and Portable Tumbling Mats - PHAT (Pink) PHAT CDN$49.99 CDN$ 49 . These ground protection mats for heavy equipment have a diamond pattern traction surface texture on both sides consisting of raised nubs. Bridgewell crane mats … Our friendly staff is happy to help with your next project! Crane Mat Rental: Also referred to as digging mats, timber mats, or boring mats – our crane mats are constructed of thick, hardwood timbers. When you require cranes that can bear a heavy load, your mats should be up to the task of both supporting the crane and the additional carry load. Bolts provide a stronger bond than nails between the boards and prevent breaks during use. Crane mat rentals are typically used in the construction industry to provide ground stabilization for heavy machinery. 8′ to 40′ crane mat lengths. Additional crane equipment (counterweights, jibs, special rigging, etc.) Sterling Extra Long Hardwood Mat … Sterling Extra Long Hardwood Mat Sizes . Solid Bolted Timber Access Mat. (2)With automatic spooling in and out of winch rope, the working efficiency is improved by 40%. Our timber mat products are built to the highest quality standards. However if you used CrossLam® mats which only weigh 1,150 lbs a mat then your costs would be $24,000. This can reduce freight costs significantly for contractors. (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)/*