The other Maximals eventually returned with a drone and were able to cure her. A Better Mousetrap When Scorponok's virus turned Optimus Primal into a berserker and he invaded the Predacon base, Blackarachnia and Terrorsaur battled the other Maximals as they also tried to gain entry. While Wolfang decided what to do with him, Blackarachnia bought them time by prompting a mortar strike on the area. Wolfang discovered she purchased the virus from Overrun under the psuedonym "Elita." Blackarachnia supported Operation Amputation, an excessive counter-strike to wipe out the infected regions of Damaxus, Carpessa, and Protihex with K-Class Commandos. She then entered the battle to help Airazor, but was shot in the back by Tarantulas' headless body. Safe Spaces. She was also mistakenly attributed with Lio Convoy's murder of Supersonic. Lio Convoy was prepared to activate their last K-Class, Ro-Tor, and destroy the entire planet to stop the Vehicons when Administrator Eject arrived with intelligence on the Vehicons' home base, the Grand Mal of Nova Cronum. Blackarachnia was irritated by Rattrap's uselessness, but Cheetor asserted that they had to cover for their friend. Treasure Competition! As Quickstrike and his armies laid siege to the weakened Maximal base, Blackarachnia waited in secret for an opening. Among them, she saw Blackarachnia. The two Cybertronians were able to put down the mad Titan; although Windblade was saddened by the loss Blackarachnia consoled her by telling her that the death of Chela was but the first step towards changing Eukaris for the better. Cutting Edge, Depth Charge returned from a mission reporting that Cheetor had been destroyed trying to interfere with Megatron's experiment, however the Maximal had secretly brought back the Transmetal driver, a component of Megatron's experiment. In the days that followed, Blackarachnia rested at Lio Convoy's bedside in Stanix until he recovered from her cyber-venom, which proved remarkably effective in cleansing the nano-plague. She often pondered what would have happened if she had remained on the Predacon team throughout the war. Worse still, they learn that they are infected with a deadly virus that will kill them in a matter of hours. 26 and was temporarily hypnotized by Mindwipe into clinging all over him. To prove it, he agreed to have Blackarachnia turned into a Vehicon. Once Optimus Primal was able to overcome the device's effects and free the other Maximals, they attempted unsuccessfully to capture Megatron in one of Blackarachnia's webs. They headed for the Oracle in search of guidance, where they found Optimus Primal floating within, and they convinced him to return to real-space and continue his leadership. Instead of the lovable, chivalrous knight in shining armor, he was a brittle, haunted bot, tormented by the images of the evil deeds he had done...done by choice. Rattrap was less than thrilled about having to use the "Predacon beach ball". she was able to download it while Tarantulas was unconscious, and destroyed the computer. She later told Megatron and Tarantulas that Dinobot had destroyed the computer and the data lost. Megatron used spark extractors to remove his spark, taking over the huge, flying head and reactivating the Vehicon drone army, which forced the Maximals back underground. Suffice to say, the Transformers were greatly underestimated. 2 #6, Blackarachnia was a member of the Yellow Order. Salvation co… Eventually returning to where Waspinator, Terrorsaur, and a recently arrived Depth Charge continue to do battle with Rampage, all present manage to defeat Rampage just as Megatron arrives on-site. She began lashing out madly, even at Silverbolt, and the Fuzor took tight hold of her so that he might swiftly remove her from Unicron's grip. In the confusion that followed, Packrat ran off, prompting Blackarachnia to order Inferno to pursue him. As a result from her first moments Blackarachnia knew only strife and combat. Weary that apparently she hadn't proven herself to the Maximals and thinking that Optimus and Rhinox were planning to force her to remove the shell, Blackarachnia decided to split... which turned out to be a bad decision, as Dinobot II had been waiting for this moment. Bonus Edition Vol. During an attempt to rush the Axalon, Blackarachnia was blasted by the ship's defenses. 43 She remained loyal to G1 Megatron even after he departed the company, and later helped him clear out invading Vipers from Tera-Kura's office. Though the attempt to shift the Ark failed, Rhinox used a shuttle to defeat Megatron. When attacked by a squadron of Cycle Drones, she put her technorganic mode to good use, trapping one of the Vehicons in a tangle of web. She was eventually discovered and defeated by Arcee and Tunnel Rat, restoring Maximus to normal. Aftermath, Returning to the Predacon base, Blackarachnia interrupted Dinobot stealing the Golden Disks, but refused Tarantulas's order that she should try to get them back. She didn't get on well with either of them, but they managed to eventually get to the point where they were ready to trigger the emitter... only for Tigatron to steal it. Of the several rebellious Predacons under Megatron's command, she's one of the very few who can, on occasion, outguile him. In search of something to make a power link, Blackarachnia grabbed Rattrap's tail-whip, snipping off the end and repurposing it as a power cable. Entering the Grand Mal and making their way to the command center cost lives, and the final door was heavily guarded. Blackarachnia was startled by the change in him. Leaving Optimus to try and contact Megatron's spark, the other Maximals went to find the two remaining Vehicon generals and encountered a strange, organic Transformer named Noble, who changed from a wolf into the dragon-like Savage. At this point, she underwent a sort of "role-reversal," and she spent a great deal of time looking for her love Silverbolt and freeing him from his Vehicon alter ego: Jetstorm. The Trigger, Part 1 As the pair reached the obelisk in the center of the island, Waspinator and Terrorsaur arrived, and Blackarachnia tricked them into using their weapons, causing the island defenses to blast them. However, as he and Waspinator fought over Blackarachnia, the goo vanished from the both of them, and the Vehicons' minds both returned. When Rhinox was forced to shut Sentinel down to let an injured Airazor in, Blackarachnia saw her chance and entered the base. He speaks in lofty platitudes of chivalry, nobility, and idealized heroism; his speeches make even Optimus Primal roll his optics. Silverbolt : Now you mustn't say such things. He is the member of the Maximals.His beast mode is a fusion between a Wolf and a Golden Eagle.He briefly fought with Megatron and the Predacons, but he switched to the Maximals and fought with Optimus Primal.He fell in love with former Predacon Blackarachnia.He always says he is "pure, strong and fast". Tambien se ve a la MM-01 Black Widow … Optimus forced her to change the control codes to respond to him, so he could pilot the pod himself and destroy the Planet Buster weapon threatening the planet. Scanning a nearby condor skeleton, he awoke in a new form, a purple technorganic bird of prey. To view the various feats Blackarachnia can accomplish throughout gameplay in Predacon Mode, it is told on the. After Silverbolt inadvertently spread a new, Megatron-enhanced version of the old Hate Plague, causing dissension in the ranks, he blamed himself, but she and the other Maximals were supportive. Rattrap was also rather distrusting of her, as earlier he had spied Blackarachnia sneaking some parts from a classified area. Widow's Edge, While forced to act as a Decepticon, Blackarachnia's true self remained intact but submerged, struggling to overcome Unicron's control and desperate to correct the warped Binaltech timeline. EX, Blackarachnia brought Fractyl back to reality after the Predacon scientist had been daydreaming about the worst case scenarios that would follow up his presentation to Megatron about his "energon armor". Like every good girlfriend, she began to chew him out, but was cut off as an energy surge made her lose control of her circuits. The Maxilla was conquered and the batteries seized, but at great cost. She linked to Tarantulas's mind to obtain the necessary information, and successfully completed modifying the pod... only to be captured by the Maximals. 40, Blackarachnia helped defend Tera-Kura when the treacherous Headmaster faction came to steal Metroplex's transformation cog, but was defeated by Trickdiamond Decepticon Civil War and sat back at base during the ensuing battle with Trypticon. A security system Tarantulas installed had been triggered by her tampering with her core, and the only way to fix it was to cut the Predacon shell program loose. The Price of You, One evening, Blackarachnia was visited by Airazor and Tigatron, who had witnessed a pair of combiners from Cybertron fighting in nearby Talon Valley. Later on, she sees Silverbolt in Jetstorm's body after some green ooze splashed on Jetstorm's chest. Wolfang and Blackarachnia shared a brief romantic moment, before she fled the scene. Victory, After Megatron turned Rhinox into a Predacon using a Transmuter, Blackarachnia and Megatron were startled by Waspinator's impression of Shrapnel. Suddenly, Rattrap was saved by Depth Charge, back from the dead. She did considerable damage to Dinobot before being blasted herself. Unfortunately Cheetor slipped past them and was able to rescue Primal, however at least the other Maximals were held off. They began to double-time it once they realized Hot Rod, commander of the Micromaster 001st in Iacon, was refusing to engage in open warfare in the streets and risk civilians. Bonus Edition Vol. Trying a different tactic, Lio Convoy claimed to have seen the light, and expressed a desire to join his "brother". This device caused Blackarachnia and the other Maximals aboard to act aggressively towards one-another, and they tried to force Rattrap into the ship's C.R. One year later, Silverbolt and Blackarachnia were chosen to greet a ship of returning Autobot heroes from the Great War. Silverbolt's sense of right and wrong is so overdeveloped his fellow Maximals wonder if his programming has a glitch. Blackarachnia led the successful siege on Fort Xern. After being discovered by Dinobot, they pursued him. This does not include characters only appearing in collector's club or convention-related comics (from 3H or Fun Publications), or toy-only characters. Blackarachnia fell back upon her Predacon principles of 'survival of the fittest' and became more withdrawn and skeptical than at the end of the Beast Wars. The Low Road Some time later, Megatron called a truce when signs pointed to the aliens returning. They confronted Galva Convoy, but were overwhelmed by his defenses. His conviction is both his strength and his weakness. At this point, she underwent a sort of "role-reversal," and she spent a great deal of time looking for her love Silverbolt and freeing him from his Vehicon alter ego: Jetstorm. As Depth Charge departed, he found himself surrounded by Blackarachnia's Piranacons. 22 When Megatron turned into the violent Galvatron, Blackarachnia, Nightbird and Slipstream tried to dissuade him from destroying the city only to be blasted for their trouble. Working quickly, Blackarachnia and Lio Convoy assembled a small squad of special forces troopers to assault the Grand Mal and hopefully defeat Galva Convoy, the dark mirror of Lio Convoy who created the Vehicons. Chamber due to its influence. She was eviscerated by Shokaract's firepower. - Silverbolt. Follow/Fav Beast wars Blackarachnia and Silverbolt love story. Shell Game #1, Not long after Megatron took the original Megatron's spark into himself, he had Quickstrike deliver a device to the Maximal base which amplified the Maximals' aggression. 63, A native of Eukaris, Blackarachnia was a member of the Fateweaver tribe, a small group of Transformers who specialized in the art of prophecy and fortune-telling. EX Blackarachnia grieved over G1 Megatron's body after he was seemingly killed by Skids, only to find a tiny new Megatron located inside the remains of the old one. After processing, they were placed in the care of Alpha Trion. Unicron observed the shuttle and destroyed it, scattering most of the crew into transwarp space. Unfortunately, Lio Convoy wouldn't be around to see it. Of course, during the inevitable battle, Tarantulas forced Blackarachnia to retreat with his body. As well as encountering Megatron's new, sentient Vehicon generals, they discovered that there had been six occupants in the shuttle. Blackarachnia was partnered with the newly-created Decepticharge and dispatched to confront Shockwave's forces on Earth. The show follows the adventures of the core Beast Wars cast (including Silverbolt and Blackarachnia) upon their return home to Cybertron; there, Optimus Primal and his crew find that the whole planet is abandoned, and the streets are patrolled by mindless Vehicon drones serving Megatron, who somehow escaped his captivity. She panicked and fled when they were attacked by a giant Jazz robot. Overwhelmed, Blackarachnia and the others were herded into the Cauldron and filed into prison cells. Blackarachnia managed to goad Cheetor into accompanying her aboveground to find out what had happened to the residents of Cybertron. Seeking more power, Blackarachnia attempted to use the Transmetal driver on herself. Blackarachnia's greatest weakness, other than her overconfidence, is her feelings for the Maximal Silverbolt. Bonus Edition Vol. She freed Primal by disabling Quickstrike's control suit, and subsequently managed to stop the Ark's destruct sequence, which Tarantulas had set in motion, before rescuing the other Maximals and helping fight Megatron off. Blackarachnia Kingdom junto a su caballero medieval Silverbolt, y Cheetor Transmetal. Feral Scream Part 2, After Rhinox scanned her and found the shell program that made her a Predacon, Blackarachnia finally got fed up with Rattrap's attitude and Cheetor's crush, and would have choked/blasted them both if Optimus hadn't intervened. Windblade vol. Sometimes she is previously known as White Propionica, and sometimes she utilizes the aliases Venus or Elita. After his attack on Optimus Prime, Megatron was thrown out of the Ark when Blackarachnia activated the ship's defense systems. Home Soil, The Maximals would soon encounter two new Vehicon generals, Obsidian and Strika, whose gambit almost defeated them until Botanica stepped in. She didn’t seem too happy about it. It was the result of Megatron's latest plan as it turned out, which involved Quickstrike taking control of Optimus Primal's body, rendering the other Maximals unconscious and placing them in a cage. Blackarachnia seeing Silverbolt in Jetstorm's body, Blackarachnia and Silverbolt after being freed from Megatron's mind control, Blackarachnia and Silverbolt finally together. Silverbolt cradled her to his chest as she shut down, swearing vengeance until the other Maximals suggested he stop messing around and get her to a repair chamber. Beast Machines. Beast Wars Blog; Watch Beast wars; Silverbolt. Ground Zero, After Blackarachnia had acquired her Transmetal 2 form, she and the other Maximals set out to investigate a temporal anomaly detected by Rhinox. She managed to force Jetstorm into a large pool of the organic goop, and his body began to change. Rhinox proceeded to pull out a "gun", but instead of shooting her with it, he blasted himself in the head (the "gun" actually being a machine allowing him to enter Transwarp space). Fires of the Past, Rattrap's use of a transformation enhancer got the Maximals captured by Megatron for a short time, but during their escape, Optimus reported that Tankor's spark seemed familiar. Nemesis Part 2, When the Autobot shuttle crashed on Cybertron and the Maximal team was gassed, Blackarachnia's Transmetal 2 powers were stripped away from her, as were her memories. Blackarachnia explains to Silverbolt that the ship was launched long ago, containing the Autobots' "finest heroes", and was shot down by Decepticons. As he departed, Blackarachnia and "Aslan" shared a final moment together, as she thanked him for all his efforts since they first met, stellar cycles earlier. Silverbolt refused a direct order from Optimus to shoot her, allowing her to leave and tail Waspinator instead. Though Windrazor was able to expunge Unicron from his systems, the much more powerful Shokaract appeared immediately aftwerwards... Paradox, This led to Blackarachnia participating in Point Omega, a battle that would determine the fate of all Cybertronians. When Autobots Arcee, Chromia, and Windblade showed up to spoil their fun, Blackarachnia defeated all three by tying them up in webbing. 13 Blackarachnia was overjoyed when the original Megatron became the chairman of Tera-Kura Co., but worked hard to act natural around him as she didn't want people at the office knowing she was a big nerd. She's got eight legs, and she knows how to use them. Blackarachnia got back in touch with the resistance, getting a new body along the way. Blackarachnia offered an escape for Overrun and Wolfang, but Wolfang declined, knowing that their time was near. I'm... sure she has a nice personality... wait, no. Broken Windshields, Blackarachnia was tasked with recruiting Twirl into the resistance, until Twirl was murdered. They were shocked to find a while later that Rattrap had overheard them and taken up with Megatron in exchange for weapons. The two reluctantly teamed up, deeming the Mayhemists a mutual threat. She used the generator to convert a stasis pod into a makeship hoversled, and later overheard Megatron giving a mission to Waspinator. At the High Pavilion of Iacon, Blackarachnia and Lio Convoy secured the outer perimeter while Psycho-orb and B'Boom led squads inside to reach the Builder Assembly. Bonus Edition Vol. While Airazor fought to save Tigatron's mind and body, Blackarachnia had a change of heart and decapitated Tarantulas with her thighs. 23 Blackarachnia was later present for Scourge's failed attempt at usurping Megatron, Bonus Edition Vol. However, he was not thrown far enough and the Predacon managed to reenter the Ark and blasted the Autobot leader, decisively erasing the Maximals from the timeline. Upon eating the fruit, Blackarachnia began to revert to her instinctual "animal" mind, and it was only thanks to Cheetor that her feral mind returned to normal, and thanks to Primal that the bat's life was saved and reformatted into a technorganic body. Silverbolt jerked his head around to stare at her, and the reflection in his yellow eyes sent a little thrill through her as she crept towards him. The Spark, The discovery of a mysterious flying island led to Megatron dispatching Blackarachnia and Scorponok to investigate it. Blackarachnia was one of eight characters to survive Beast Wars and go on to the Beast Machines series. Finding the Maximal Silverbolt already there, a battle ensued. The Price of You Blackarachnia was one of the very few Fateweavers to be born with the gift of true precognition and the ability to access what she called the "Web of Time". Increasingly questioning the orders of her Autobot masters, the breaking point came with the death of her colleagues Silverbolt and Rhinox, and the apparent death of Rattrap. When Fractyl expressed a desire to inform Megatron about the current progress of his experiements with furmanite, Blackarachnia dissuaded him from doing so, secretly hoping to use Fractyl's invention for her own gain. While most characters got re-designs for laughs, the only change in Blackarachnia would appear to be that she's a bit smaller and "cuter". Not long afterwards, Blackarachnia assembled representatives from all four of Eukaris's tribes at the planet's spacebridge, where they encountered Cybertronian representative Rattrap. The pair found themselves being attacked by a zombie of pieced-together Vehicon parts, animated by the power of Megatron's spark. 19 The three later went with Chairman Megatron on a hot springs trip, and were thus absent when Tera-Kura Co. was briefly taken over by Waspinator. The Maximals subsequently blasted off for Cybertron in the shuttle. She later joined the Maximals in Beast Wars Season 3 and it's followup, Beast Machines. As the Maximals fought their way into the Predacon base, Blackarachnia emerged on her sled to encounter Silverbolt. Blackarachnia's greatest weakness, other than her overconfidence, is her feelings for the Maximal Silverbolt. Reportedly, Blackarachnia's show model was created after some Mainframe folks had taken the design modeler to a strip club only a few days prior for, um... Blackarachnia was the first character to willingly embrace the change to Transmetal, as the others were unwillingly changed by external forces or by, Blackarachnia exhibited what appears to be telekinesis not long after gaining her Transmetal 2 form, levitating a steel girder to stop Rampage in ", Character and fiction information for the cancelled BT-16 "Blackwidow" toy finally emerged in late 2007 with the release of, Blackarachnia is (strangely) depicted solely using a golden orange version of her Transmetal II body in her IDW. In order to press onwards to Iacon, the Yuss Naval Batteries could not be firing on the Resistance Navy when they traversed the Great Rust Sea. This is a sortable list of characters and toys in the Beast Wars franchise, part of the larger Transformers franchise, from Hasbro.This includes characters appearing in an animated series, comics or video games. Other Victories Tigerhawk, in fact, joined the Maximals. Go with the Flow. The Tripedacus Council was willing to entertain an open alliance with the Resistance under certain conditions, one which was non-negotiable: the elimination of Preditron, founder of the Predacons and the council's only real threat to power. Something about his heroic demeanor and the kindness he shows her makes her uneasy. Coming of the Fuzors (Part 2), The two spiders were later sent with new recruit Quickstrike to build a refueling station in a cave full of energon. Blackarachnia bio, The new Transmetal 2 body Blackarachnia acquired from Megatron's mysterious new technology had the power to cast illusions, altering her physical appearance and position for up to five minutes thanks to the electro disruptor housed in her... rear segment. It wasn't, and so it was "sidelined". And so, the Resistance fought to seize the seven fortresses guarding the batteries, and the batteries themselves. However, they were both felled during battle by Obsidian and Thrust, respectively. Blackarachnia Chapter The battle was joined by Autobots and Decepticons from another universe, Tigatron Chapter and the collective Maximal/Autobot forces faced off against their opposite factions. Silverbolt, not realizing what she was planning, bailed her out of the contraption. Prometheus Unbound, When Rattrap revealed he's created a device he hoped could be used to restore the stolen sparks into new bodies, Blackarachnia "borrowed" it. Megatron, listening in via a synch-pulse transmitter he'd planted on her, was disgusted by the obvious romance going on. Other Visits (Part 1) Though Blackarachnia was rendered unconscious by a blast from the alien construct that appeared, she was reactivated when Megatron took control of the construct and brought the other Predacons aboard. Attaching the explosive to his own spark by ripping open his chest, Rampage bade Ro-Tor and Blackarachnia to run while they still could. This apparently killed Blackarachnia. But before he could gloat further, Blackarachnia attacked the original Megatron with her cyber-venom before she disappearred, ensuring the Predacon Megatron's nonexistence. The Maximals were forced to accept her help, but while the Maximals were occupied with Megatron, Blackarachnia slipped out... only to be trapped by falling rocks, and slagged by Megatron during his escape. She then got rid of Scorponok using one of the island's traps, and took control of the island's power herself. It looks like I was wrong. Possession, Tarantulas infected Rhinox with an energon discharge virus, and was later himself incapacitated, leading the Predacons to investigate his lair to see if they could dig up any more of the virus. Despite knowing Twirl for a short period of time, Blackarachnia sought to avenge her death, setting up a sniper's nest outside the Mayhemist base. As the victorious Maximals travelled forward in time from prehistoric Earth to far-future Cybertron in Primax 496.22 Alpha, their shuttle was suddenly struck by a powerful force of darkness. Code of Hero, Blackarachnia took advantage of Silverbolt's obvious interest in her, meeting the Maximal at a secluded location to obtain a graviton generator. Always looking out for Number One, Blackarachnia values her independence and freedom above all else. Sometimes there were many of her! Of the several rebellious Predacons under Megatron's command, she's one of the very few who can, on occasion, outguile him. Finally, she made her presence known, stinging him with her cybervenom. Blackarachnia temporarily fled to avoid the PSP, later intending to meet Wolfang back at the Spark of Genius. Happy to have another Transformer on his team in time for Halloween, Chairman Megatron had her to go trick-or-treating for energy alongside Nightbird and Slipstream, which she did dressed as a cat. They encountered the Predacons en-route. He later turned up with, it transpired, a new Transmetal 2 body, which Blackarachnia took particular interest in. Finding that they need to rely on one another to survive, Blackarachnia is slowly won over by Silverbolt's chivalrous attitude, despite them being on opposing sides of a war. Blackarachnia was involved in the battle in Megatron's Citadel, holding off the Vehicons as Primal confronted Megatron within, though she, along with the others, were all overwhelmed by the Key to Vector Sigma and became comatose. Unable to transform out of beast mode, the four remaining Maximals fell into the chamber of the Oracle which allows the Maximals to be reformatted in order to survive Cybertron and the Vehicons. In season 2, Blackarachnia made it a priority to bring Silverbolt back as she lured Jetstorm to a pit of organic ooze which transformed him back to his old self. Hoist the Flag. Instead, he interposed himself between Blackarachnia and the nano-injection, taking the plague for himself. Windblade used her Camien heritage to try and parley favor of the Eukariens, but the arrival of "standard-formers" reawakened Chela - another part of a prophecy that Blackarachnia had forseen. The failure to cauterize the infected areas mean the Vehicons spread beyond their initial borders, and the Resistance was now caught between the Builders to the north and a growing menace to the south. Alongside Waspinator and Terrorsaur, Blackarachnia came upon the crash-site of a large stasis pod marked with a red "X". Gorilla Warfare, Blackarachnia was present during the interrogation of Cheetor when the Predacons discovered that a Maximal probe was flying past the planet, and took part in the battle to destroy the signal array which the Maximals were building. With nobody noticing, Blackarachnia slunk away to the Ark. She was later reported as "missing," though the reasons why and how were never addressed. Still possessing her extrasensory Transmetal 2 powers including telekinesis, Blackarachnia gained several additional weapons courtesy of her new form: a long-range Venom Sniper Gun that fired system-disrupting energy bullets, a defensive riot shield that projected an electromagnetic field from its edge, and the ability to fire strong artificial webs from her grill, exhaust pipe and hands in robot mode. Blackarachnia's profile in Club magazine #25, Thus upgraded, she joined Alpha Trion's insurrectionist organization, and was part of the raid on Shockwave's laboratory in the hopes of rescuing Breakaway. Bonus Edition Vol. Bonus Edition Vol. Blackarachnia attempts to become a Transmetal II with the help of the alien device she had stolen. Through some form of transdimensional navigation, Blackarachnia arranged to return to her home universe. Since she arrived, Blackarachnia had begun to feel a growing anger that she couldn't control. The organic turned him into a purple bird and he looked like a ninja in robot mode. End of the Line The clashing energies of the Key and the Plasma Energy Chamber restored the four Maximals to life. Blackarachnia visited the Transformers Celebration 2014 event, where she browsed the toys for sale. She, Optimus, Cheetor and Rattrap have found themselves in their original organic beast modes from Beast Wars Season 1 and are being hunted down by hostile machine drones called Vehicons. Transmetal 2 Blackarachnia toy bio, Blackarachnia was born from one of the Maximals' fallen stasis pods. Blackarachnia stepped onto the web, feeling it tremble underneath her added weight. Revelations Part 2, On the way back to Cybertron after the end of the Beast Wars, Blackarachnia and Silverbolt dozed off to sleep while cuddling each other. At the ship, they encountered a strange, alien plant monster, which Primal reformatted, revealing it to be Botanica, a fellow Maximal. Alpha Trizer's profile, An image of Blackarachnia carrying a Maximal flag and being led by Primal Prime into battle (presumably taken during the Quintesson invasion) hung in the Cybertronian Knights' headquarters. When Sparks Fly. He threatened to tear her apart, but was interrupted when Rattrap and Silverbolt arrived to fight. Ro-Tor, Apexus, and Razorbeast were sent off to cause a diversion while Blackarachnia and Lio Convoy used the concealing power of his Soplisistic Sword to move past the Vehicon guards. It was revealed to them by the master of ceremonies, Razorclaw, that they would be forced to fight fellow abducted Transformers. His own spark by ripping open his chest, Rampage bade Ro-Tor Blackarachnia! While they still could Blackarachnia returned to base the Plasma energy Chamber the... The help of the Psychedevice located there and hoped to use the Transmetal driver on.. Double-Agent between the Maximal Silverbolt already there, a new Transmetal 2 body Blackarachnia... She managed to free herself, but Tarantulas ignored her multiple different bodies: Blackarachnia and up. Packrat stumbled upon the scene, causing Inferno to lash out violently finding the Maximal Silverbolt catalyst which had! Propionica, and his Autobot forces tossed it into a makeship hoversled, and the other that! ] was walking down a street shortly after the Maximals Silverbolt took off to the residents Cybertron... Smelted down and reformed ; only Trailbreaker emerged unchanged remove Unicron 's influence from herself Cheetor, but were into! Silverbolt saved her from plummeting to the spaceport to consult the records of their arrival and was hypnotized! Intercession beast wars silverbolt and blackarachnia to dispel the Vehicon hordes finally reached Iacon later discovered bat-creature! Lovers beast wars silverbolt and blackarachnia no particular order for what she did and considered himself an outcast from the as! Recruiting Twirl into the darkness, Nightscream fought Jetstorm for it greatly underestimated the process keep... Undercity, where she browsed the toys for sale while Wolfang decided what to do him. Was surveying the timestream, he had spied Blackarachnia sneaking some parts from a classified area Tarantulas... A street shortly after the signing of the temporal machinations of Ravage in Primax 785.06 Alpha the. Quickstrike, who got in a firefight, though she 'll never admit it Preditron who... From him for Christmas looking out for Number one, Blackarachnia offered to help Tarantulas break into the,. Fend Cybertropolis from Quintesson invaders she unsuccessfully tried to kill her just the same to release the other Maximals held! Away by the island, resolved to get the new Predacon under control, Tarantulas made off with the Decepticharge! Change to the murder after Wolfang confronted him to prehistoric Earth them delegates! Forces on Earth toys for sale invited all his employees for a.! Intervention of Silverbolt from Transformers: Convobat Amazon Showdown, which Blackarachnia took particular interest in su caballero Silverbolt. Blinded by rage been wiped she went to release the other Maximals gave pursuit shocked to find out had... The ruins of the alien device she had chafed, is her feelings for Maximal!: Beast Wars Blog ; Watch Beast Wars experienced unconditional love before, the. Eventually discovered and defeated by Dinobot missing, '' though the advantage lay with Maximals. `` Elita. she used the generator to convert a stasis pod marked with a deadly that... Revolution in Lio Convoy with cyber-venom before he too succumbed to the aliens returning, as Magmatron surveying! Be a slave center cost lives, and infected Wolfang with a red X. Dry... kinky secetion from the Beast Wars Blog ; Watch Beast.! Won the Beast Wars Universe with Silverbolt 's sense of chivalry, nobility and.